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MUSIC: 'Kleen' - EP by Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall

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6-track EP, 'KLEEN' (*with 6 instrumental versions, for a total of 12 tracks) by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall. Songs range from Lo-Fi, to Dance Grunge, Alternative Folk, to Alternative and beyond. Sounds like: Lo-Fi Spoken Word; Johnny Cash; 1920's German Cafe Music; Leonard Cohen; Monster Magnet (High resolution 320 kbs MP3s)

12 Tracks in Total:

  • Beginners
  • Babylon (aka 'Bones and Clones')x Big Sky (Kinks Cover - only available for streaming, check Spotify, etc.)
  • Superhuman
  • Rainy Window
  • Bad Guys (German version feat. RJ 'Rike' Marshall)
  • Beginners (Instrumental)
  • Babylon (aka 'Bones and Clones' - Instrumental)
  • Superhuman (Instrumental)
  • Rainy Window (Instrumental)

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Includes 5 tracks of High Resolution 320 kbs MP3 and Album Cover Art


MUSIC: 'Kleen' - EP by Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall

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