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MUSIC: Gone Marshall Singles Compilation VOL. #1

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MUSIC: Gone Marshall Singles Compilation VOL. #1

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Individually produced single tracks by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall, composed and recorded between 2014 and 2022 (2022 compilation). Songs range from indie & neopsychedelic, to alternative folk, alt-country, alt-rock and beyond. Sounds like: The Magnetic Fields; Beck; Wolfman Jack; Lou Reed; Johnny Cash, The Kinks (High resolution 320 kbs MP3s)

6 Tracks in Total:

  • Hey Miss Clementine
  • Bazooka Joe Don't Live There Any More
  • Fire and Forget
  • Go On
  • Seven Steps West
  • Barangutang

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Includes 6 tracks of High Resolution 320 kbs MP3 and Album Cover Art

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